MineGeo the practical mine site geology mapping software for underground and open cut mines for faces walls backs pit benches and floors. Map geology in real time using a tablet PC - even use a digital camera. Capture old manual mapping by photographing, scanning the manual maps. MineGeo enables capture in 3D to existing site survey or can extapolate to new face positions. Also capture face sample co-ordinate data with interval lithologies. The benefits are better informed decisions made with better available data resulting in better targeting , less dilution and improved bottom line.

Mine Site Geology and Geotechnical Mapping Software


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With MineGeo software for real time mine geology and geotechnical mapping in 3D you 'get' the complete picture.

plus is it safe? - with the
MineGeo Geotechnical module you find out straight away.

Better more useable data means you make better decisions.

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(Size 12Mb)

The ability to display all or selected classes of geology data means that you improve your ability to better understand the geometry that controls your orebody and hence make better decisions to minimise dilution, improve grades and improve the bottom line.

When you can view block models, drilling data and digital mapping this enables you to get the complete geological picture.

MineGeo how it works - click here to download zip file of movie - select the SAVE option
(Size 16Mb)

Geotechnical data capture with immediate 'Q prime' calculations turns a chore into a time efficient and easy task to achieve.

Geotechnical data capture & calculation - click here to download zip file of movie - select the SAVE option
(Size 7.5Mb)

All menu items are set up by the site Geotechnical Engineer and Senior Geologist.

( Click Here to download typical mine site default menu setup Excel file.)

Then more junior staff (with a small amount of training) can capture both geology and geotechniocal data.
This can be done using tablet PC's or 'tough books' in 'real time' or from pre-prepared hand mapping sheets when running on the office PC..

All entered data is stored in useable file formats to create a 'paper trail' .

Geotechnical Data Output:

  • Output as CSV (comma delimited) format file as a Pseudo drill hole for input into any database system.
  • All input values and selections are output including Geologist/Engineer names.
  • Additional calculations can be done from captured data - eg. the Jw values can be used for working with SRF(Stress Reduction Factor).

The 'Output CSV format' sheet of the above defaults XLS file contains example output of Sample/Lithology/Geotech line.

Immediate results mean qualified on the spot decisions can be made on rockbolting, meshing, shotcreting and local mine safety issues.  

With MineGeo software you digitally capture your mapping ONCE at source in 3D. It is then available and useable as soon as you get back to the office. No more cupboards full of paper plans which are difficult to use effectively during modelling or design work. With MineGeo software have a CDROM package delivered or download from the web.

General Description :-

MineGeo has the CAD facilities lacking in mine planning software and the mining facilities lacking in standard CAD software.
MineGeo is so efficient with computer resources that it will run on the lower end Tablet PC's, notebooks or desktops with standard graphics cards running any MS Windows software.

MineGeo is an integrated suite of software which includes :-
* Import capabilities from DXF or Surpac string format files.
* Live 3D lithology data capture tools.
* Capture of Sample/Geotechnical data with Lithology and 'Q' parameters for each 'from-to' exported as pseudo drill hole data.
* Mining 'face' parameters at 3D location.
* Output of parameters used for creating face positions when no survey is available for the surface being mapped.
* Export of lithology geometry (with attributes) as intelligent string files (which import into your mine planning system.)
* Plus extensive CAD utilities to aid capture and presentation output.

Using Microsoft Excel you setup/modify your own standards for your unique site lithology/geotechnical legends, standards, people names and other parameters.

You can scan or photograph old manual mapping information and include the images just as you would a photograph. So you can use
MineGeo geology mapping software to catch up with any backlog of old manual sketches or plans.
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Practical Work scenario

Digitally capture your geological/structural data at source - Underground or in Pit. With the MineGeo geology mapping software integrated with a Tablet PC.

Take it with you anywhere:- Underground, in-Pit or even out Bush .
Take your digital camera as well and integrate the images as part of your capture process.
Capture your geology and structural data in 3D directly into the Tablet PC using MineGeo geological mapping software.

Consider you're going out mapping and/or capture of geotechnical data......

You pick up your Tablet PC with the latest survey data downloaded from your network server.
It has the most efficient capture software with your own site legends and standards available from the software menus on a sceen big enough to see without a magnifying glass - yet a unit you can hold with one hand.

You drive to the face/wall to map. Digitally photograph it (if lithology is visually separated and conditions, lighting and equipment positions are suitable) and upload the image to your tablet PC .
You map the geology, structural and geotechnical data (with strike and dip) in 3D directly onto the tablet screen with the electronic pen using your own site codes. You calibrate (distort) any digital photographic image to fit the survey so you can add lithology and structural data on top of the image.
You also on-screen digitise your sample/geotech locations to get pseudo drill hole data.
The process is similar for faces,backs, benches, floors and walls - any underground or pit surface.

Saving the current mapped area you move onto the next mapping task. You have several hours usage on a set of batteries - if you need more you can swap with spares to extend your work time.

When you get back to your work desk..

You download your data from the tablet PC via the network directly into your mine planning and database systems - there it is - all your mapping and geotechnical data in 3D, with your sites lithology/geotechnical codes in the correct representation, with attributes and entities you can "click" onto when you're modelling, working out a stope design or looking for new targets.
Your sample co-ordinate data is provided as a 'CSV' file to be merged into your drillhole database with the sample results from the lab. The same 'CSV' file contains all your geotechnical data - example output can be downloaded Click Here .

This is how technology should be used!

You digitally capture your mapping and geotechnical data ONCE at source. It is then available and useable as soon as you get back to the office - no more cupboards full of paper plans which are difficult to use effectively during modelling or design work. You can now backup your mapping/geotechnical data and store off site - all that paper has to be a fire risk.

This eliminates the delays and extra processes involved with hand mapping on paper, digitising or scanning, and manually entering numeric sample data, writing down geotech data and entering into Excel to do your calcs, etc., etc...

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Hardware for review.

Xploretech iX104
Rugged Tablet PC
Weighs less than 2Kg.

Runs MS Windows/Tablet XP.
(XGA resolution)
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Panasonic CF19 Tablet
Less Rugged.
Weighs 2 Kg.
Runs MS Windows / Tablet XP.
(XGA resolution)
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Ease of use :

MineGeo software is a logical and comprehensive system for which we provide extensive tutorials to assist new users in becoming familiar with the software. We have deliberately hidden its complexity behind simple menus.

MineGeo software has simple menu's which only display the possible operations for any situation. Hence the menus appear uncluttered and simple to use. The complexity of the software is hidden behind the simple to use Graphical User Interface.

Installation, Training and Support :

MineGeo comes with self paced Training Tutorials which go through all aspects of the software. We can also provide on-site training to "fast track" your startup use of MineGeo software if required.

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Background and Expertise

For Mining Operations :

Development of special software tools for capture and metrication of the Golden Mile underground survey and geology data, and the production of true plans and sections for geological and engineering interpretation in the mid 1980's prior to the Kalgoorlie "super pit".

For Exploration :

Development of special software tools in the early 1990's for capture of exploration data throughout the Hamersley Ranges in Western Australia. Mapping data output to Mapinfo - Structural data to clients Mine Planning system.

Contract Capture Services

See the data sheets in the Underground and Open Cut pages for more information.

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