MineGeo the practical mine site geology mapping software for underground and open cut mines for faces walls backs pit benches and floors. Map geology in real time using a tablet PC - even use a digital camera. Capture old manual mapping by photographing, scanning the manual maps. MineGeo enables capture in 3D to existing site survey or can extapolate to new face positions. Also capture face sample co-ordinate data with interval lithologies. The benefits are better informed decisions made with better available data resulting in better targeting , less dilution and improved bottom line.

Underground Geological Mapping


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MineGeo has the CAD facilities lacking in mine planning software and the mining facilities lacking in standard CAD software. This provides the ability to capture intelligent lithology and sample and geotechnical data in 3D, in the most efficient way, indeed, even capturing data at the mine face as it develops. This will improve mine management decisions usually improving grades, minimising dilution and improving the bottom line.
It is aimed to augment and complement the facilities available from mine planning software such as Datamine, Minesite, Surpac, Vulcan, etc. - and interfaces seamlessly with all these software systems.

Get the benefits of having your mapping data, block model and drilling data all in one model which enables you to make better mining decisions. This will generally lead to improved grades, minimise dilution and improving the bottom line. You do a better job more easily and improve results for your mine site

You map live data by calibrating your graphics screen to existing survey strings and on-screen digitally capture in 3D from the site menus. You can import digital photographs and distort them to fit the survey being used for calibration and then digitize right over the top of the photographic image. This provides perfect accuracy of representation.
You can scan or photograph old manual mapping information and include the images just as you would a photograph. So you can use
MineGeo geology mapping software to catch up with any backlog of old manual sketches or plans. This process can be applied to walls, faces and backs of any shape/orientation - even curved decline walls.


1. True 3D intelligent data with strike and dip provides better understanding of the geometry
controlling the orebody to assist modelling and interpretation - generally leads to better targeting.
2. A permanent digital record of mapping even after stripping or development extensions mean walls or faces no longer exist.
3. 3D structural data is obtained for analysis and engineering to help minimise dilution, maximise recovery and reduce unit cost.

Backs, Wall and Face mapping capture

Scanning/Photographing of original hand mapping to capture in true 3D.

OR direct use of digital photographs

Typical output would be as XL compatible tabular data for drilling and sample data - usually as "*.CSV" files. Lithology and structural data as string files with attributes in the descriptor fields - suitable for direct input into the sites mine planning software system. You get real data strings that you can click onto, slice sections through and interrogate for attributes..

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