MineGeo the practical mine site geology mapping software for underground and open cut mines for faces walls backs pit benches and floors. Map geology in real time using a tablet PC - even use a digital camera. Capture old manual mapping by photographing, scanning the manual maps. MineGeo enables capture in 3D to existing site survey or can extapolate to new face positions. Also capture face sample co-ordinate data with interval lithologies. The benefits are better informed decisions made with better available data resulting in better targeting , less dilution and improved bottom line.

Frequently Asked Questions


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* What is included when I purchase MineGeo software

* What computer configuration do I need to run MineGeo software

* What is the software license and warranty I get

* How do I import images into MineGeo software

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What computer do I need to run MineGeo software:

PC computer

Mac computer

Tablet Computerter

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What is the MineGeo software license and what warranty do I get?

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What is included in MineGeo software?

When you purchase MineGeo software you get:-
* Software which includes all the
MineGeo mapping software modules.
- 3D geology mapping capture software.
- Import interfaces for DXF, Surpac ASCII string formats.
- Importing of scanner or digital camera images and calibration to 3D survey data.
- Export of "intelligent" data to mine planning software - Datamine, Gemcom, Micromine, Minesite, Surpac, Vulcan, etc..
- Fully featured CAD system.

* Geotechnical capture/calculation software is an additional charge module.
- Geotechnical module runs on top of the
MineGeo mapping software.

* Simple installation instructions.
MineGeo software self paced tutorial and reference documents.
* Electronic CAD reference document (over 1,000 pages) - not with download version...

* 90 days free email support

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Importing Images :- 
You can import JPG images into
MineGeo software by using the view underlay command which copies the image to the work space and then to calibrate (distort) the image to fit the mine survey. This enabls you to use the image to insert geology on-screen over the top of the image pixels. .
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